Why they do not share concerns

Scottish Human Rights Blog at Amnesty International UK assured us a couple of weeks ago that men taking everything that belongs to women is fine fine fine not a problem at all.

Women’s and human rights organisations in Scotland, including Amnesty, have written to the UN Special Rapporteur for Violence Against Women and Girls restating their support for Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

The organisations – many of whom provide services for women and girls – wrote to Ms Alsalem detailing why they do not share concerns she expressed about the Bill. 

To refresh our memories on those concerns she shared last month:

The Scottish government’s proposals to reform gender recognition laws could allow violent males to “abuse” the system, a UN expert claims.

The organisation’s special rapporteur on violence against women and girls said the legislation could increase potential safety risks.

But Amnesty and an unspecified number of other “women’s and human rights organisations” are confident enough to reply that no it could not increase potential safety risks. That’s a lot of confidence, to deny even the possibility.

In the letter they state:

“We see the paths to equality and the realisation of human rights for women and trans people as being deeply interconnected and dependant on shared efforts to dismantle systems of discrimination.”

Why? Why do they see them that way? That’s a stupid way to see them. Women and “trans people” have very different needs and demands. Bundling them is a crude and dumb mistake.

But oh well, Amnesty Scotland is down with the kids.

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