Essential services for profit

Oh the joys of privatization.

Dozens of people have been evacuated from their flooded homes and thousands have been left without water after two water mains burst in north London.

And not just any North London.

About 60 firefighters were called to Belsize Road in Camden at about 02:50 GMT when homes were deluged with about 50cm (1.6ft) of water.

Belsize Road in Camden=Belsize Road in Hampstead, one of the very poshest and most desirable areas of London.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) said 24 people were led to safety and a hub was set up at Swiss Cottage Library.

Thames Water apologised after multiple postcodes were left without water.

The bitter joke is Thames Water is private, aka a profit-making corporation. It was part of Thatcher’s wave of privatization that also ruined London Transport. I’m seeing many bitter tweets about the huge profits Thames Water made last year at the expense of little things like checking the god damn water mains.

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