Their aim is to break the taboo

U wot?

Young people who bleed across Wales? What do they do, open a vein in Fishguard and march bleeding all the way to Abergavenny?

Haha, silly me, no, they mean “people” all over Wales who shed their uterine linings once a month.

Our aim is to break the taboo around periods by encouraging conversation on one of the most normal, natural topics that half the world’s population experience.

Which half? Which half which half which half which half which half which half?

Of course they don’t say. Funny that they want to break one taboo by instituting another.

We’re immensely proud that Bloody Brilliant was created for the young people of Wales by the young people of Wales. 

Following research with young people across the country, we got to the heart of their challenges when talking about and experiencing periods. From this, we uncovered key insights and Bloody Brilliant was born. Working with an incredible bunch of young people, we used co-creation workshops to shape the brand and information you’ll see on this website. And we can’t forget to give a massive shout out to the top team of experts and influencers across the period health field who helped us out throughout our journey.

What a pity the experts and influencers forgot to tell the young people which half.

Social Change UK created Bloody Brilliant on behalf of NHS Wales and the Welsh Government. Their combined aim is to open up the conversation and provide information on period health, so generations of young people don’t suffer in silence through fear of speaking out or lack of understanding around what’s normal when it comes to periods.

That’s great but which half?

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