Which twin has the hostile environment?


Academics have demanded an apology from the London School of Economics (LSE) over what it claims is a “hostile environment” for students and staff with gender-critical views.

A group of leading scholars have written an open letter condemning an “ideological cabal” at the Russell Group university’s gender studies department – the largest in the UK.

The letter was sent from academics from the Open University Gender Critical Research Network (OUGCRN). The group brings together a range of academics and scholars who share a common interest “in exploring how sexed bodies come to matter in their respective research fields”.  The network also shares a “commitment to ensuring that a space within academia is kept open for rigorous exploration of issues of sex and gender”.

Come with me back back back in time, to when a preceding open letter was sent around, calling the OUGCRN all kinds of names:

An open letter with over 350 signatures from staff and postgraduate research students at the Open University (OU) has been circulated in protest at the formation of a new Gender Critical Research Network. Tens of thousands more from across the UK academy have added their support online.

The gender critical research network, officially listed under the OU’s special interest research groups, claims to be bringing together a range of scholars to ‘critique the constraining influences of gender’ and ‘foster evidence-based and rigorous research’. This should mean scholarship that explores gender-variance and looks to recent research and developments, but instead the Network’s interpretation favours narrow interpretations of gender and disregards the medical evidence for gender-affirming care.

However, those condemning the group have highlighted that its gender critical founding members are all well-known for sharing views that negatively impact rights for trans and non-binary people.

Well, no. Its founding members are all well known for being bullied and lied about and libeled by people like the ones who wrote that bilge.

Back to the Telegraph:

Shortly after [the launch of OUGCRN], a row flared when an excoriating “statement of solidarity with Open University staff” appeared on LSE’s website, signed as the entire gender studies department, claiming the network caused an “antagonistic environment”.

There was a backlash, the statement was removed, LSE bosses investigated.

The public “denunciation” claimed the network was “an explicitly anti-intellectual attack on Gender Studies, trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming people, and inclusive, intersectional feminist politics”.

The good kind of feminist politics, the kind that puts men first.

The letter purportedly on behalf of the LSE department said that gender-critical views – that biological sex cannot be changed – “undermine trans rights” and “relies on and invests in racist, colonial understandings of sex/gender”.

Quick, somebody call the math department to get help with the decolonization.

But guess what. The fella who coordinated that letter is none other than Jacob Breslow.

Jacob Breslow – who, emails show, coordinated the statement as a senior leader in the department – is now under investigation by LSE after he allegedly gave a presentation in 2011 to the US-based B4U-ACT group when he was a graduate student at LSE.

It’s almost as if the gender revolutionaries hate women because women get in the way of their…hobbies.

The group calls for paedophiles to have the right to live “in truth and dignity”. Mr Breslow, an associate professor of gender and sexuality, quit as a trustee of the children’s trans charity Mermaids after the claims last month.

It prompted the OUGCRN to write last week to Baroness Minouche Shafik, director of LSE, claiming the department “appears not to uphold the values of science, debate, academic freedom and scholarship which most LSE academics hold dear”.

The OUGCRN includes Prof Kathleen Stock, the [philosopher] who quit Sussex University in a trans row, Prof Alice Sullivan, a sociology lecturer at UCL, as well as Prof Jo Phoenix and Prof Rosa Freedman, both criminologists at the University of Reading.

Scary feminist women who aren’t in solidarity with men who want to rape children.

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