Why, by Jove, it’s the female athletes!

Jon Pike on the use of passive and speculative wording to arrive at one’s desired conclusion:

It’s always female sport that needs conceptual engineering. Funny how that works.

They’ve given up on the claim that T reduction is all that’s needed, he says, and that’s good, that’s an advance, but…

Oh for fuck’s SAKE was my initial response, and then my ongoing response. Unique individuality in a pig’s eye. Lia Thomas’s advantage is not part of his “unique individuality,” it’s all too generic. Get a fucking clue.

Seriously. Anything “could be” regarded as anything; the Amalgamated Union of Weasels issues a complaint of plagiarism.

His PhD students need to suck it up. The point is crucial.

Then he goes in for the kill.


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