With words of advice

More absurd than ever.

He was “made aware of an incident on Sunday where officers visited an address to provide words of advice to a resident after they had published a video blog online which may have caused offence or distress.”

Where to begin. The officers didn’t “visit an address,” they went to Kellie-Jay Keen’s address to scold her. They didn’t go there “to provide words of advice,” they went there to accuse and scold her. They weren’t the ones who published the video, she was. What made them think her video “may have caused offence or distress?” More to the point, do the police go bang on men’s doors to give them “words of advice” about misogynist sexist threatening insulting venomous videos and tweets and blog posts? EVER??? Not that I’ve ever heard of. That kind of thing is just normal, but skepticism about men who say they are women merits a visit from the plods.

It’s ridiculous, and worse than ridiculous.

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