A history of questionable statements

A petition!

The trans community calls for Peter Tatchell to shut up and let us speak for ourselves

Says Vivian Wulf.

Peter Tatchell is everywhere speaking for us.

On several occasions he has offered opinions contrary to what the majority of trans people believe.

He scolds trans activists for things he considers “bad optics”.

He has a history of questionable statements that could lead one to believe he supports pedophilia making his “optics” less than ideal.

He has used the threats and harassment trans people receive as an excuse for why he is always the person called onto TV shows rather than an actual trans person saying that trans people won’t do it so he has to. This is a lie – many trans people speak very publicly about trans issues using their own name and face on social media and all of us receive harassment and death threats on a regular basis anyway. Many would much prefer to risk further harassment by speaking for themselves and our community than having a cisgender man with such a shady history misrepresent the goals of our movement and the majority beliefs within our community.

This is a petition for Peter Tatchell to shut the fk up about trans people and instead when he is contacted for TV, Radio, Paper or indeed any other form of media to speak on trans issues for him to recommend one of the many trans people who speak out in favour of their community instead.

Kids these days, they got no gratitude.

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