All she wants


Ok let’s try to figure this out.

“I just want transgender people to be accepted in every single way that other people are.”

What does that mean though? What does “be accepted” mean? Nobody is “accepted” in every possible sense, so what are we even talking about?

Where and when we have to “accept” trans people actually is an issue, so maybe it’s safe to assume she means the familiar points of contention, like women-only spaces and prizes and promotions. Well, if that’s what she means, saying she “just” wants that is pretty damn rude. “I just want you to let men who claim to be women steal every single thing you have, that’s all.”

We don’t have to “accept” anyone in every possible space or every possible sense, so Webberley is just repeating the usual “WE JUST WANT TO TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE” shouting. Ok you just want that and we just say no.

“To be able to live their lives equally to anyone else.”

That’s just gibberish. How does one live her life equally to anyone else? How does one live life equally?

Also, news flash for Webberley: lots of people encounter difficulties while living their lives. In fact, all people do.

To grow old, have families, make mistakes, laugh, cry, and love.

Awww, that’s poetry. It belongs in a Hallmark card.

To have the same opportunities as everyone else.

No she doesn’t; she wants them to have extra opportunities that are not like the opportunities everyone else has.

To look in the mirror and be proud of who they see facing back at them.

Sounds like a personal problem, as we used to say to whiners when I was in school. It’s not our responsibility to make people who think they’re the other sex feel proud of who they are, especially since what Webberley means is proud of who they are not.

And I want to be remembered as one of the people that helped to make that happen.

Is that too much to ask?

Uh, yes, it is, quite obviously and embarrassingly. Expecting to be remembered at all for anything, and admitting it in public, is cringe-worthy.

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