We are watching that shift

Very good point.

FGM…footbinding…corsets…Jimmy Choo shoes…breast inserts…Brazilians…anorexia…and binders: it’s all the same shit, it’s all about treating women as mindless clay that needs to be shaped and pinched and peeled and sculpted to be any good for anything.

I think the whole trans obsession is very much like warped ideas about menstruation and female genitalia: it’s equally based in fantasy, equally impervious to reason, equally prone to maiming, equally destructive. Feminists disagree with it because the way out is not to mutilate your body or take leave of your mind but to change the rules: keep the body you have but refuse to accept that your body means you have to either submit or dominate. Move sideways: refuse to accept your place in a hierarchy: blow the hierarchy up. See it as a political issue, not a medical or cosmetic one.

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