Somebody is playing a joke on the media

A Vancouver radio station talked to Meghan about the latest bullying:

Meghan Murphy, who is at the centre of a controversy over a talk on transgender rights scheduled for Jan. 10 at the Vancouver Public Library, says a report of a cancellation are not true.

“The only news I have heard of this cancellation upon waking up and reading my email, which informed me that I had sent an email in the middle of the night and cancelled — it sounds like somebody is playing a joke on the media,” Murphy tells NEWS 1130.

The founder and editor of The Feminist Current adds that a report of her receiving a large number of critical emails leading to a decision to cancel the event are also untrue. She says, instead she received a lot of correspondence in support of the event, but also a number of letters threatening violence on the event’s site.

Meghan wants to open the conversation up; it’s the violence-threateners who want to shut it down.

“A couple of the organizers contacted me after I did a similar talk in Ontario that went really, really well, and said let’s try to do this in Vancouver. I was happy to,” she says.

Journalists may begin to see which side of this “controversy” is more reasonable now.

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