Guest post: So we’ll know who is pink and who is blue

Originally a comment by iknklast on Shut her up.

It’s so tiresome to discuss who is a woman and who is a man, you see

The problem is, we are determined to keep a huge distinction between women and men, so we’ll know who is pink and who is blue, who is thinky and who is feely, who has testosterone toxicity and who has that estrogen vibe. We are not ready to get rid of rape culture, so women would feel less need to have women only spaces. We are not prepared to pay women equally, allow them equal access to the corridors of power, and not grope, ogle, or grab them by the pussy, so women need to worry about who is who and where everyone dresses, sleeps, and relieves themselves.

The problem is not the women. It may not even be the transwomen. The real problem is a society that insists on dividing us into these two separate, distinctly unequal groupings based solely on our genitalia, and now we have some people who claim that they want to be the other in spite of having the wrong genitalia, and insist that the unequal group give up what protections they have put in place, and open up all the spaces that allowed some measure of safety, not to mention opening up women’s sports and women’s lists for hiring to people who were born into the gender that has had all the advantages.

Until we clear away all the gender baggage, there is no way to get around the question of who is woman and who is man, because women need safe spaces, equal opportunities, and decent human treatment.

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