The police will be monitoring the dangerous woman

Meghan Murphy is doing a talk at the Vancouver Public Library in January.

So, naturally…this:

Let’s read the statement:

Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is aware of concerns that have been expressed regarding an event with speaker Meghan Murphy scheduled for January 10th at the Vancouver Public Library.

VPL is not endorsing, or hosting this event; it is a rental of our public space. VPL has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not agree with the views of the Feminist Current. However, commitment to free speech and intellectual freedom are fundamental values of public libraries and are bedrock values for democratic society. As such, we will not refuse to rent to an individual or organization simply because they are discussing controversial topics or views, even those we find offensive.  We seek to be a welcoming place for all, and actively find ways to support the trans, gender variant and two-spirit communities.

That’s a cowardly, confused, and traducing paragraph. The second sentence implies without literally stating that Meghan represents discrimination (of a bad, unjust, bigoted kind) but then the fourth sentence admits she is simply “discussing controversial topics” but then takes that back again by implying (again without stating it) that they find her way of discussing controversial topics “offensive.” Then they pat themselves on the back hard enough to raise a cloud of dust. Somebody who knew little or nothing of the subject would be baffled as to what Meghan’s crime is, but also highly suspicious that she’s up to no good.

VPL takes steps to ensure appropriate conduct occurs in its venues by clients who rent our spaces, including compliance with the BC Human Rights Code. VPL has explicit requirements in its rental agreements that govern the conduct of renters and has confirmed with Feminist Current their obligation to comply with all Canadian laws relating to the content of their presentation.  We have advised the Vancouver Police Department of the event; they will be monitoring and will take appropriate action should conduct breach the Criminal Code.  If we anticipate that this event will present a risk to public safety, additional security measures will be put in place.

That is downright shocking. They’re implying (and almost saying this time) that they expect Meghan to break Canadian laws and breach the Criminal Code, and that they’ve asked the police to monitor her talk. It’s disgusting, it’s horrifying, it’s perverse. Jonathan Yxnxv, who sues female beauticians who decline to remove the pubic hair from his genitalia and ruminates in public about teaching ten-year-old girls how to insert a tampon – he is fine and wonderful and a member in good standing of the “trans, gender variant and two-spirit communities”, while Meghan, who objects to Yxnxv’s extortion and perving, is treated as a likely criminal who will endanger the audience at the library.

We recognize that Meghan Murphy’s opinions are concerning.  However, VPL is not in a position to take action intended to censor speech that is otherwise permissible under Canadian law. We have no indication that the event on January 10th will include content that violates the Criminal Code.

VPL cares deeply about respecting the diversity of our community – intellectually, socially, and culturally – and seeks to ensure that our locations are welcoming and safe for all patrons, including trans, gender variant and two-spirit individuals. We welcome any community group to rent our spaces, and our staff actively work towards access and equity in VPL services, spaces and programs. The programs that we partner on and host are aligned with these values.

While it is difficult for us as individuals and staff to accept a rental from an organization whose perspectives we disagree with, the fundamental role of libraries as a place for free speech and intellectual freedom must be upheld.

Christina de Castell, Chief Librarian

People have lost their fucking minds.

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