A win for the demonizers – NOT

Updating to say IT WAS ALL LIES. Meghan a few minutes ago:

Hey everyone! My upcoming talk — Gender Identity Ideology and Women’s Rights: A talk and Q&A — has not been cancelled. Trans activists sent a fake email to the media, some of whom have called me to get the story straight, while others, unfortunately, reported before double checking. Anyway, onwards! See you on January 10 at the VPL 💪🌟

Global News Canada reports:

Feminist speaker Meghan Murphy, whose planned public talk at the Vancouver Public Library on January 10 stirred local controversy over LGBTQ rights and the limits of free speech, has cancelled her scheduled appearance.

In an email sent to CKNW on Saturday, December 1, Murphy says she’s been receiving way too many complaints, and decided to pull the plug on her planned appearance.

I gotta say, I get that. I’ve been thinking about what it must feel like, and coming up with nothing but “horrendous.” I wouldn’t want to do a talk in those circumstances.

So let’s not make any mistake about this: this is rage-drunk men and some women “allies” deliberately with malice aforethought bullying a woman out of doing a public talk at a big city library. The woman in question is not a racist or a Nazi or a gay-basher or a Steve Bannon, or any kind of equivalent of any of those. Saying men are not women is not inherently far-right or, in fact, even provocative. It should be just a heatless factual statement, similar to apples are not papayas. It should be but it isn’t, and it’s profoundly disturbing to watch so much of the left fall with glee on the opportunity to excoriate and shun and punish feminist women for simply saying men are not women.

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