According to top child experts

Oh no oh no this new politically correct idea that girls are not public property for boys to fumble at whenever they like is HARMING BOYS.

Boys are being damaged by “an excessive cultural shift” against them triggered by the #MeToo and Everyone’s Invited movements that has left many lost, insecure and traumatised, according to top child experts.

Stupidest lede ever. Saying boys should not sexually assault girls is not “an excessive cultural shift” and it’s also not “against boys.” Some boys actually know they shouldn’t sexually assault girls!

Julie Lynn-Evans, a psychotherapist with 35 years’ experience, says the two movements involving girls and women speaking out about sexual harassment have led to a “dangerous” backlash against boys. Many have done nothing wrong.

Again: that’s just outright stupidity. There is no “backlash against boys.” A heightened awareness of sexual assault is not a backlash against boys, it’s a backlash against sexual assault. I know journalists have to take short cuts but this is more of a canyon.

While her clients during lockdown were mostly teenage girls with eating disorders, or who were self-harming, they are now “exclusively” boys who have been ostracised, punished or even expelled for behaviour that she describes as little more than clumsy “teenage fumbling”.

Is this supposed to be an argument of some kind? It’s meaningless. Maybe she is selecting boys; how do we know? Just telling us she had Z clients before and now has Q clients tells us nothing further. Also, even “fumbling” without consent is wrong and bad.

It goes on and on in the same vein and concludes with

[Lynn-Evans] said: “I like #MeToo and would like to give the woman who started it an award but I think it has gone too far. Now any boy who puts a hand on a bosom because he is slightly drunk and has not asked is being in danger of being ostracised and shamed. Girls are viewing teenage boys as aggressive predators. So the normal sexual dance that has gone for ever now seems not OK. Boys are losing their feet.”

Their feet? The poor wee bairns, are the schools chopping them off? She probably meant footing and the reporter, Sian Griffiths, didn’t catch it. What a lazy destructive stupid article.

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