BBC is cool with songs about slaughtering women

Well there’s a surprising lede:

BBC bosses have defended airing a song encouraging listeners to ‘kick’ women with gender-critical views.

I wonder if BBC bosses would defend airing a song encouraging listeners to kick trans women.

I don’t wonder much though: I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t.

Listeners complained after 6 Music played They/Them by Dream Nails, which includes the line ‘Kick terfs all day, don’t break a sweat’.

Oh, so it’s not just kick women, it’s kick women all day. I think that should be in the lede. Kicking someone all day=kicking someone to death.

It comes as 6 Music was accused of ‘blatantly’ refusing to play Roisin Murphy’s songs after the singer publicly criticised puberty blockers. The channel has played only a single track by the former Moloko frontwoman since she made the widely-criticised comments online.

Earlier this week 6 Music cancelled ten hours of shows celebrating Ms Murphy, with staff telling the Mail her comments were the reason behind her axing.

But singing about kicking women to death is just fine.

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