Sometimes I try to think of a way I could change my mind about all this and join the orthodoxy, and I can’t really do it. I’m quite sure I couldn’t change my mind to the point of believing that men who say they are trans really are women (or that women who say they are trans really are men). I would still see men saying they’re women, not women. But could I perhaps convince myself that I should pretend to think that? Or that it doesn’t matter what I think about it, the point is to affirm them and validate them no matter what I think? Those two would be more possible than the first, I guess, but that’s not saying much.

In other words no, I don’t think I could. I don’t think I could do it morally. I think it’s morally wrong to insist on everyone agreeing to the fiction (aka the lie), and I don’t really see how I could change my mind about that either.

This is how I see religion too of course. I’m pretty allergic to the widespread assumption that belief is a good thing, and that even if we don’t believe ourselves it’s kinder to play along, or at least not say aloud that we don’t believe.

So, I’m too narrow-minded, or stubborn, or vain, or inflexible to be able to change my mind on this subject. But then there’s also a big hole where reasons for doing so should be. With religion we can at least understand how some people find it consoling, especially if they gloss over the eternal punishment bits and so on. With gender religion I for one can’t even see that.


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