There are always so many theological puzzles with these things.

Why should fundy Christians be ruling the country and passing the laws and re-enslaving women?

Why, because they’re right, of course.

How do they know they’re right?

God said so! It’s all in the bible!

But other bible-readers and god-obeyers have different views.

They’re wrong!

How do you know they’re wrong?

God said so! It’s all in the bible!

Then why doesn’t god do something about them? Why doesn’t god put a stop to the wrong believers – or convince them that they’re wrong? God can do anything, so why doesn’t he (you do consider him a he, right?) just impose his will? Why allow all this error to flourish? Why stand idly by while so many humans are led astray?

Because free will!

Oh is that it? Then why try to impose a fundy Christian government on all of us?

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