What was that about half-truths?

The New Republic has a polemic by a trans activist named Brynn Tannehill.

So far this year, Republicans have filed over 300 anti-transgender bills at the state and federal levels, and we haven’t even reached the end of February…The American Principles Project, a religious conservative think tank and super PAC whose goal is to ban all transition-related health care (even for adults), is making a full-court press on Republican candidates to use transgender people as the number one talking point during the 2024 election cycle.

It always relies on the language tricks. “Transition-related health care” isn’t health care as normally understood at all, it’s something quite different. It’s medical intervention to make people’s bodies fit their fantasies about their “genders.” Bills that attempt to protect people from such medical interventions are labeled “anti-transgender” bills, as are bills that aim to keep men out of women’s sports and women’s locker rooms and toilets.

What doesn’t change at all are the half-truths, lies, and deliberate omissions used as talking points at every one of these hearings.

The trans ideology relies on half-truths and lies and omissions.

Like this one:

They bring up the closure of the Tavistock clinic for transgender youth in the U.K., but leave out the part that it was closed so new clinics acting as regional hubs could open up scattered about the country in the interest of making care more readily accessible.

The NHS is setting up new clinics, but the Tavistock was closed because it was a disaster.

Perhaps the worst irony in all of this is that while Republicans are rejecting the accepted standards of medical care because they deem the evidence insufficient, they are embracing and endorsing a model of treatment that has no peer-reviewed supporting evidence in practice called “Gender Exploratory Therapy” (GET) . This is essentially a rebranding of the type of conversion therapy that presupposes that some undetermined trauma causes a person to be LGBT, and if you find and treat that trauma the individual will stop being LGBT. 

There’s no such thing as being LGBT. Being same-sex attracted is not the same thing as thinking you’re in the wrong body. Being lesbian or gay doesn’t involve surgeries or puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones. Being lesbian or gay doesn’t involve a massive delusion about the self. Being lesbian or gay doesn’t require bullying of women. LG is different from T.

The New Republic doesn’t say the author of this propaganda piece is trans.

Brynn Tannehill is a Naval Academy graduate, former naval aviator, author, and senior defense analyst. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.  

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