Secrets and lies

The ACLU has organized what it says are lawmakers targeting “LGBTQ” rights into six categories plus “other.”

They are

Accurate IDs

Civil Rights

Fress Speech and Expression


Public Accommodations

Schools and Education

Under Accurate IDs they say

These bills attempt to limit the ability to update gender information on IDs and records, such as birth certificates and driver’s licenses. This puts transgender people at risk of losing jobs, facing harassment, and other harms. Trans, intersex, and nonbinary people need IDs that accurately reflect who they are to travel, apply for jobs, and enter public establishments without risk of harassment or harm.

But what the ACLU means by “Trans, intersex, and nonbinary people need IDs that accurately reflect who they are” is that trans etc people need IDs that DON’T accurately identify who they are. The ACLU is talking about the new kind of ID that instead of recording the simple facts, records the ID-haver’s fantasy about xirself.

Under Free Speech & Expression they tell us

Despite the safeguards of the First Amendment’s right to free expression, politicians are fighting to restrict how and when LGBTQ people can be themselves, limiting access to books about them and trying to ban or censor performances like drag shows.

But what does it mean for trans people to “be themselves”? It means pretending to be what they are not, which is an odd way for people to Be Themselves. It also, as we know all too well, frequently interferes with other people’s right to be literally non-fantasyly themselves.

Under healthcare:

These bills target access to medically-necessary health care, like Medicaid, for transgender people. Many of these bills ban affirming care for trans youth, and can create criminal penalties for providing this care. 

That is at the very least disingenuous. “Affirming care”=non-medically necessary amputations, sometimes followed by stripping healthy tissue from arms or thighs to make a simulacrum of a penis or a vagina, with frequently miserable results. That’s not “health care” as commonly understood. It’s risky at best and a horror at worst.

Public accommodations:

Public accommodations bills seek to prohibit transgender people from using facilities like public bathrooms and locker rooms.

That’s just a straight-up lie. No they don’t.

Schools & Education:

State lawmakers are trying to prevent trans students from participating in school activities like sports…

Again, just a lie. No they aren’t. They’re trying to prevent boys from competing in girls’ sports.

The ACLU is a disaster zone.

H/t Sackbut

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