More lies

They just will not report on this subject honestly.

A protest against trans health-care scheduled this weekend in downtown Vancouver has reignited a debate pitting the protection of vulnerable youth against the right to free speech.

It’s not a “protest against trans health-care.” Nobody is campaigning to prevent trans people from getting health care. The issue is not health care at all, it’s health-compromising body modifications to match the sex one is not. It’s also not a matter of trying to block the protection of vulnerable youth. Nobody is demanding the free speech right to keep vulnerable youth from being protected.

Vancouver social justice lawyer Adrienne Smith fears the April 10 event will include transphobic rhetoric that contributes to real-world harm, and believes police and city officials have the legal tools necessary to shut the protest down.

What about the real-world harm to women and girls that transphiliac rhetoric contributes to?

“It’s definitely a breach of public order to say hateful things that are likely to inflame others,” Smith said. “There’s no middle ground with hateful comments.”

There’s also no universal agreement on what “hateful” means in this context, to put it mildly. I consider “trans women are women!!” far more “hateful” than “trans women are men.”

Promotional material says the event is to “stop child-medical transition.” In other words, to protest transgender kids accessing gender-affirming health care, which can include puberty blockers and connecting them with trans-inclusive health care providers.

“Gender-affirming” health care isn’t health care at all. It cures no disease, it prevents no disease, it heals no wounds. Being female or male isn’t a disease or an injury.

Gender identity expression is also protected under both the B.C. and Canadian human rights codes, and a recent court ruling chastised a parent for improperly trying to interfere with a teen’s gender transition, which had been approved by a team of medical professionals.

That’s because Canada has frankly gone nuts on this subject.

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