They will be suing

Chase Strangio is in battle gear.

Did Tennessee ban care for trans adolescents though? Did it pass a law saying trans adolescents can’t have health care?

The ACLU press release is more precise than Strangio on Twitter.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Tennessee, and Lambda Legal are promising the transgender youth of Tennessee they will bring immediate legal action against proposed restrictions on their health care currently being considered by the state legislature.

SB 1 and HB 1 would ban the only evidence-based care for gender dysphoria for transgender people under 18. State senate committees have thus far ignored the warnings of transgender youth, their families, and their medical providers about the potential harms of these bills, and similar restrictions in Alabama and Arkansas have been enjoined by federal courts.

There we go. So it’s not health care in general, or health care for adolescents in general, it’s “health care” for gender dysphoria…so presumably puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones and/or surgeries.

The problem of course is that these are drastic measures, and some people who have taken such drastic measures now regret it. This isn’t straightforward medical treatment, it’s attempts to change the body to make it match the opposite sex. There are side effects.

There are also effects to not taking these measures, but it’s not simply a fact that the drastic measures fix everyone and do no harm and never end up with bitter regrets. They don’t fix everyone, they do harm at least some people, and they do end up with regrets in some cases.

But the ACLU is aboard the trans train and making it go faster and faster. Too late to jump off now.

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