Alive and lawyering

Primum non nocere.

There’s so much wrong with this one tweet from an ACLU lawyer.

One thing wrong with it is that trying to change people’s sex isn’t “medical care.” Even if it treats something (misery, anxiety, self-hatred) it isn’t medical – it doesn’t cure any illness or mend any bone. I don’t know exactly what it should be called, but I think “medical care” is way too misleading, not to say dishonest. It’s a kind of tinkering. “You’re unhappy in your sex, so we’ll tinker with it to help you think you’re the other sex, in the hope that that will make you more happy.” It’s groping in the dark.

Another thing wrong with it, and a much bigger thing, is the threat. The implied threat is that if this form of “medical care” is banned then people will die as a result. The implied claim is that Chase Strangio would have died if trans “medical care” had been banned. That’s using the threat of suicide as a lever to make people stop trying to protect children and adolescents from the craze for tampering with puberty and amputating healthy body parts. It’s a pretty awful thing to do, even for Chase Strangio.

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