Chase pushes the panic button

Chase Strangio is distraught over the Tavistock ruling.

It’s interesting and typical and a big part of the problem that CS resorts to hyperbolic emotional language at the outset. How “terrifying and sad and scary” – as if puberty blockers were ventilators and trans young people were being forcibly deprived of them.

I don’t think “people with large platforms” have much effect on courts of law. That aside, is it really true that “this care” i.e. puberty blockers has been deemed medically necessary, safe and effective by every major medical association? What does “medically necessary” even mean in this context? I could understand “psychologically necessary” (without necessarily agreeing with it) but medically? That doesn’t make sense. I suspect Strangio is padding out the claims here.

Strangio is simply ignoring the fact that there are people who took puberty blockers and now wish they hadn’t. It’s silly to forget that, because that’s what the case was about. Strangio is very sure that puberty blockers are good for all who take them, but Keira Bell brought the suit because they were not good for her and she thinks she was too young to decide to take them.

I find Chase Strangio pretty scary, to tell the truth.

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