Trump doesn’t mind losing an election

Philip Bump at the Post:

Over the length of a 46-minute video posted to social media Wednesday, President Trump read and riffed on a prepared script lambasting those who had the audacity to suggest that receiving fewer votes than his opponent meant he shouldn’t serve a second consecutive term in office. It was the functional equivalent of one of his beloved campaign rallies, both in the sense that it offered the same meandering range and, quite obviously, the same relief for his frustrations. It was also clearly no small undertaking; the numerous cuts in the final product suggested that what was offered to the country was a subset of what Trump had to say to the camera.

In other words the craziest bits got sliced out, so the crazy rant that remains is the less crazy part. With Trump there is always worse.

It was, almost literally, a distillation of the past four weeks of rants, allegations and accusations, including countless examples of claims which have already been soundly debunked. That sudden surge of votes seen in Wisconsin, something so compelling in Trump’s eyes that he brought a visual aid to demonstrate it? We dispatched that on Nov. 11: It was just the county of Milwaukee reporting its results. Whether it’s more worrisome if Trump knew it had been debunked or if he didn’t is up to you to determine.

Well, see, it’s like this. Milwaukee is a city, an industrial city, a northern industrial city. What do we know about northern industrial cities? Ohhhh right, they have a lot of [whispers] those people in them. Those people don’t vote for Trump. How dare Milwaukee county report its results?! See also: Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Don’t tell me Atlanta isn’t a northern city, it is, geography be damned.

Again, there wasn’t anything new to it. It was a pastiche of so much that we’ve heard so often. It presented no coherent case for the existence of fraud, instead substituting a volume of accusations for an abundance of proof. Having hundreds of people make unfounded allegations isn’t proof of wrongdoing, as any review of those sheaves of affidavits collected by Trump’s campaign from various supporters makes clear.

Yes but unfortunately that’s not the only issue. As we keep being reminded: endless repetition of a lie = many people believe it. Hitler knew that, and so does Dirty Don.

“This election was rigged. Everybody knows it,” he said. “I don’t mind if I lose an election, but I want to lose an election fair and square. What I don’t want to do is have it stolen from the American people. That’s what we’re fighting for, and we have no choice to be doing that.”

Yes, definitely, he doesn’t mind a bit if he loses fair and square. He’s demonstrated that his whole life. If I repeat that a million times will anyone believe it?