Internal dissent over internal dissent

The Post on the Times:

The New York Times is racked with internal dissent over internal dissent — a development stemming from multiple open letters sent last week to newspaper management taking issue with the paper’s recent coverage of transgender youth. The uproar reflects the pressures of managing coverage of a sensitive topic at a time when media criticism is flourishing everywhere.

The thing is…the topic isn’t just “sensitive”; it’s also…bizarre. An outlier. More bluntly, childish.

I was thinking the same thing while reading that dopy piece in The New Republic. I was thinking about how weird it is seeing adult publications and outlets like TNR and the Post and the Times, and the Guardian and the BBC and NPR and on and on, take this childish game of let’s pretend so very seriously. It’s bizarre watching them report on it as if it were entirely real and normal and like the rest of their subject matter, instead of being about adults treating their fantasies about themselves as both truth and of public interest and importance. On the one hand Ukraine, climate change, authoritarian governments, extinctions, famines, pandemics, poverty, corruption – on the other hand Mai Jenndur Idenniny. How did we get here? How did we get nudged into taking this personal make-believe so very seriously?

H/t Mike Haubrich

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