Dangerous inmate

In surprise twist, violent man turns out to be violent man. Who could have seen that over the horizon?

Barbie Kardashian under Garda investigation for allegedly threatening to rape female prison officers

Dangerous inmate Barbie Kardashian is facing the prospect of more jail time – after gardai began an investigation into allegations she threatened to rape female prison officers.

The Mirror has confirmed that the [male] transgender prisoner is alleged to have threatened to sexually attack several female prison officers at Limerick Prison this week.

Kardashian, who is legally a woman after she secured a gender recognition certificate, is alleged to have issued the threats after she refused orders to clean up the shower area of the prison’s women’s section after she had used it.

He’s “legally a woman” but physically a man and mentally/morally a violent sadist. What could possibly go wrong?

Male prison staff had to intervene to protect their female colleagues and bring Kardashian back to her cell.

We keep telling you. This is why you can’t just merrily say all men who say “I’m a woman!!” get to be ValiDated as women at all times in all circumstances.

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