Guest post: Honest, open debate is poison to their program

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Smoke and mirrors.

You gave us a “nutshell” summary with what was wrong with the Tavistock. Here’s a nutshell with what is wrong with trans activism:

None of the individuals who have been targeted, who include poets and authors as well as politicians, have called for legal rights to be removed from transgender people.

The framing is deliberate because the reality — forcing women to accept biological males in women’s sports, refuges, changing rooms, toilets and prisons — doesn’t sound so appealing.

Trans activists lie to conceal what their opponents say; they lie to conceal what exactly they are demanding. They rewrite the language to do both, launching their political attacks from a platform of novel, repurposed meanings designed to hide truth. It’s all lies and deception, bullshit and bullying. There is no “good faith.”

Actual human rights and social justice campaigns depend upon clear communication and truth to achieve their goals, because they are describing a wrong and counting on public support to correct it. Discussion and dialogue are central to this process. What better way to advance a just cause than to have a public airing of the issues involved? A just cause has nothing to fear from robust, open discussion and lively debate. Ideally, this is how democratic politics works. But not with trans activism, the “social justice” movement that is neither social nor just. It is a campaign that is dangerous to women’s rights that has been reliant on secret, back-room deals designed to avoid and short-circuit public scrutiny, questioning, and accountability. It is thus a danger to democracy, too. It’s no accident that one of their rallying cries is “NO DEBATE!” Honest, open debate is poison to their program. Truth is its enemy. Truth is “transphobic.” Having forgone the normal channels used by rights campaigns to win public acceptance for its goals, trans activism has no choice but to rely on coercion to hang on to whatever gains it manages to make in secret. Any movement that is, at its very foundations, so fundamentally reliant upon lies and the secrecy required to maintain them, will inevitably and unavoidably corrupt any individual or organization that embraces and supports it.

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