Guest post: Screechy’s Comprehensive Guide to SCOTUS

Originally a comment by Screechy Monkey on Grounds for removal.

Screechy’s Comprehensive Guide to SCOTUS:

Thomas: The recent revelations of the depths of his corruption notwithstanding, a sincere right-wing nut. As Elie Mystal said today, he would have voted the same way regardless of what gifts he got. He really believes in all this stuff. He’s even got a few idiosyncratic non-stereotypical conservative views (like on the Confrontation Clause, where he’s made some pro-defendant rulings). But don’t underestimate the “nut” part — he is on record as saying that there is no Constitutional obstacle to, say, Alabama declaring the Baptist Church as the Official Church of Alabama.

Alito: Complete and utter right-wing hack. Has no consistent legal philosophy or principles, and will always rule in the short-term interests of the GOP, and deal with any implications of that precedent later (by which I mean: ignore them).

Roberts: Right-wing dealmaker. Whether because of his natural inclination, or his role as Chief, is very concerned with the Court’s reputation and legitimacy. So he consistently pushes the Court to achieve conservative results in ways designed to not provoke too much outrage. Will happily cut backroom deals towards that end.

Kavanaugh: Not entirely sure of him yet, but seems closest to Roberts except for being a psycho personally who will happily “stick it to the libs” in retaliation for the perceived injustices against him.

Gorsuch: A less radical version of Thomas. Does have actual principles, and so will occasionally surprise with seemingly non-conservative rulings (readers of B&W will be disappointed to be reminded of his ruling in a trans rights case), but still pretty conservative, so he’s going to be a mostly-reliable vote for the conservative bloc.

Coney Barrett: Don’t have a good read on her yet, but my impression is a mix of Alito and Roberts — not quite as hacky as Alito, but doesn’t give a shit about being seen as reasonable.

Kagan: Occasionally frustrating in her naive belief that the conservatives can be reasoned with, and a little too “faculty lounge, can’t we all get along,” but fine. Probably a useful asset to have on the Court because she’ll cut deals with Roberts to make the Court less horrible.

Jackson: too early to say, but seems willing to call out bullshit, which is good since she’s got a couple of decades of writing dissents to look forward to.

Sotomayor: Has had just about enough of this bullshit, but not (yet) prepared to just completely blow shit up.

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