Guest post: Talk about navel-gazing…

Originally a comment by ibbica on Risky.

Wow talk about navel-gazing…

“Transgender people” need more studies because… men, sorry, “prostate-havers” dosing themselves with hormones haven’t been studied enough, but oh by the way shut up don’t you dare suggest that might be a bad idea.

Can’t find transgender patients for studies because… they refuse to admit what they’re claiming to be isn’t what they are but oh by the way no you’re the deluded one they obviously Know what they are, duh.

Transgender patients are underrepresented in studies… I mean, they make up a whopping 1% of the population, and it’s the most oppressed 1%, but don’t ask which 1% because they’re actually the other sex wait I mean no difference between them and the uncool people who simply recognize their sex instead of divesting themselves of physical reality and picking their sex but we know they have worse clinical outcomes because Oppression so shut up already.

Or something.

You know who have been, and still are, underrepresented in medical research? Hint: it’s a group making up about 50% of the human population, easily found and readily identified for studies, who typically tell the entire truth about their physical characteristics and ailments, but often intentionally avoided because their hormones cycle predictably (!) or because they’re Not Typical Humans (!).

(…Ok yes, I know YOU knew that, but THEY are clearly oblivious to it.)

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