Something very fundamental

And speaking of respect and deference and magic titles and awe and majesty –

Once I stopped laughing I conceded that in one way she’s quite right. It’s a polite fiction that Choss Windsor is “The King” for the simple reason that it’s a polite fiction that anyone is “The King” or “The Queen.” Of course it is; what else would it be? It’s a hereditary monarchy, i.e. it’s an artificial social arrangement by which one particular person descended from one particular person and so on back to William or Alfred or Baby Jesus gets to be top dog and have lots of money and a Royal Train.

In another way it’s a ludicrous thing to say. There are facts about the ancestry of King Choss; what facts are there that make Dylan a woman? There are ancient social conventions about the meaning of the ancestry of King Choss; what ancient social conventions are there that make Dylan a woman? There are none! There are only some very very very new conventions which are hotly contested and extremely stupid.

And no, it’s not “kind & polite” to address people the way they ask to be addressed no matter what. It depends. Other things being equal that is of course the norm, but when other things aren’t equal it isn’t.

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