He got to know them all

Trump didn’t study for the exam, in fact he has no idea what the course even is.

He starts with saying he likes Liz Truss, then moves swiftly into claiming he and King Choss are close friends.

Trump said that King Charles would be “different now” and would do “very well” in his new role.

“I know him very well, quite well. And I spent a lot of time when I was over there as president with him. And with his wife [who] was absolutely lovely, by the way, and we had a good time together,” he said.

No he didn’t. He was there for a couple of days and he of course didn’t spend “a lot of time” with Choss and Cam, he simply met them formally and made stiff conversation. Of course they didn’t have a good time together.

“And I, you know, so I’m a little prejudiced when I say it, but, you know, he had a strong view on things.

“Probably difficult when you’re the King you want to have 100% of the people love you like the Queen did. The Queen had – everybody loved her,  right? She didn’t have that kind of an agenda.

“And yet, you know, she was a very strong woman. I got to know her too. She was a very strong woman, a great woman. I think Charles is going to do very well. I think he’s got a great way about him.”

No he didn’t get to know her. He spent a few hours in her vicinity. That’s all.

Plus he spent those hours in a dress-up suit that didn’t fit him looking ridiculous.

Trump added that Charles would “probably keep it where it’s politically a little bit because he feels very strongly about certain things and not everybody agrees with that”. 

He forgot to read that book all right.

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