His latest project

Aaaaaaaaand again:


There are some…lively responses to that tweet.

Punished Venonat ‏@hamsandcastle 18 hours ago
@JDrutman @nytimes Elon Musk gave her gills

Lauren ‏@lkroner 23 hours ago
@nytimes Oh thank goodness. For a moment there I thought Ledecky was going to get credit for her accomplishments not relative to a man.

David Roy ‏@david_roy 16 hours ago
@nytimes This is garbage. She just put on one of the very best performances in Olympics history, and you are angling a rando tech guy.

summer of harbaugh ‏@stefanielaine 15 hours ago
@david_roy @nytimes “Hmmm, a woman is historically great……let’s do a piece on the man responsible for her greatness”

KELLY ‏@MsFopra 17 hours ago Franklin, TN
@nytimes FFS Could you be more sexist. She’s not a project. Or an innovation. She’s a woman, an amazing athlete with a lot of talent. She worked her ass off to accomplish what she has. She deserves to be celebrated for her accomplishments.

Wendy Lady ‏@NerdRage42 16 hours ago
@nytimes oh wow. Now we’re automatons. This is unacceptable…and was seen by more than one set of editing eyes before posting. Shameful.

Truth April Teale ‏@TruthTeale 19 hours ago
@nytimes You know what he can’t do? Win gold medals for swimming. Seriously, what the everlasting fuck were you THINKING with this article?

Meg ‏@garlicmeg 11 hours ago
@nytimes Unbefuckinglievable NY Times. Let the woman own her own accomplishment. She is not a machine that was engineered by a man!

Lauralu ‏@mslauralu 19 hours ago
@nytimes one more time story must find a way to credit a man for a woman’s greatness. It’s 2016! Just. Stop.

Jessica Smith ‏@Echo6979 16 hours ago
@nytimes Um, she’s an athlete, not a robot, and this is an incredibly gross headline. Stop giving men credit for a woman’s accomplishments.

And much more.

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