Guest post: They are the nails that refuse to be hammered down

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on More than viz.

I get the feeling that those organizing and supporting this aren’t going to be satisfied with “vengeance” that is purely rhetorical. Unlike the “violence” of “misgendering” and “deadnaming” that they’re always decrying, the vengeance they’ll be looking for isn’t going to be limited to saying mean things. Trans activists have threatened and used physical violence for years. It’s always been there. It’s always been in one direction. Against women. Claims of “trans genocide” are just another tool of escalation and justification, the hyperbolic paranoia and explicit emotional blackmail allowing them to excuse whatever they do as “self defence.” If your opponents are Nazis, you get to do what you like. Pour soup on a Nazi? Great! Hilarious! Punch a Nazi? Go right ahead! Nazis are bad! Kill a Nazi ? She’s a NAZIWhy not? She gets what she destrves. Once you’ve successfully dehumanized your opponents, you’ve removed them from your society’s circle of concern, and few will come to their defence. And some will help you do your dirty work, and be proud to do so.

One of the online graphics I’ve seen in conjunction with posts about this event says TRANS RIGHTS OR ELSE, with a black ground sporting silhouettes of assault rifles in the colours of the trans flag. This is a definite threat, and represents a distinct escalation from pink and baby blue baseball bats. Someone with a baseball bat can only attack one person at a time, and they have to be very close to do so. Assault rifles are weapons of mass murder from a distance.

Trans activists are priming the pump. The combination of suicidal ideation and imminent genocide that they’ve been feeding their audience is vicious enough to start with; add in a call for the extraction of “vengeance” by a fearful population with a high proportion of psychological comorbidities that has ready access to firearms of all kinds, and you’ve got a recipe for inevitable disaster. If this isn’t an example of stochastic terrorism, I don’t know what is.

And who will be the prime targets for this vengeance? At whom is this angry, frightened, delusional, armed mob being aimed?


Women have always been the scapegoats, the enemies, the targets. Why on Earth would trans activists change their tune now? By defending their rights, women stand in the way of what some men want. Never mind that there is no chain of logic linking the writings of gender-critical feminists with male violence against trans identified males. It’s the TERFs’ fault. They wish harm to trans people. Always. “Exclusion” is harm. Always.

But women aren’t the logical target, they’re the easy target. Most have been socialized to put the needs and feelings of others before themselves. I think some of the rage and fury we see trans identified males (and their allies) exhibit is the result of miscalculation; believing that women will always be nice and give way, they are unprepared when any woman stands firm to defend her rights and the rights of all women. They are the nails that refuse to be hammered down. The solution? Hammer them harder.

With this “Day of Trans Vengeance” women who say no will face heightened risks for defending their rights. That they’ve been painted as TERFs, and bigots, and Nazis will make it that much harder for them to do so. They’re up against more than just the trans activists, too. The ground has been prepared for righteous trans violence for some time, by both unwitting and very knowing enablers. It’s been a steady drip, drip, drip (sometimes a whole fucking tsunami) of lies and distortions, all of which erode women’s rights, and their ability to articulate and argue for them. Women’s facts and arguments are all ignored; trans activists’ lack of arguments are papered over. But who needs facts and evidence, especially when they’re all against you? “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” Trans activists have had lots of allies fighting for them, and against women, on multiple fronts. Every thoughtless repitition of the unevidenced onslaught of anti-trans violence and murder. Every story claiming outright, blanket “bans” on health care for trans identified people, of “bans” on trans identified athletes in sport have helped genderists make it look like it’s Germany in 1932. Every refusal to spell out what women are fighting for rather than imputing bad faith and anti-trans prejudice. Every claim of “transphobia” against feminists trying to protect women’s boundaries. Every acceptance as unquestioned fact of the groundless, malicious accusations of “transphobic” hatred and bigotry against women like JK Rowling and Kelly-Jay Keen. Drip, drip, drip, until we’re neck deep in bullshit and misinformation, afraid to speak the truth.

With this latest ratcheting of rhetoric, it will be a miracle if no women are injured or killed as a result of this call for “vengeance.” And if there are any women who fall, there will be excuses and rationalizations. The violence will be condemned, but there will be a “but.” And that “but” will consist of how the victims were really to blame because they were wicked, would not bow down, would not submit, and said “No.”

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