More than viz

Oh yes that Trans Day of Vengeance thing…maybe it got an early start yesterday?

Trans Day of Vengeance, a weekend of protests for trans/non-binary rights, has been initiated by TRAN (Trans Radical Activist Network) and OURRIGHTSDC, because “visibility” is no longer enough. We resist and denounce the criminalization of transgender identity and violence against our siblings currently happening across the nation. We are fighting for our rights to exist. We are taking back the narratives. We are fighting back. With vengeance, because this is a fight for our survival.

Details are still being worked out, but we will meet at 11am on April 1st in front of the SCOTUS, where we will have a few speakers to kick off the march. In the evening of March 31st, following Queer Youth Assembly during the day, we will have a slightly riskier protest as a pre-march event. The details are to be announced.

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Don’t ask me what that last paragraph is for. An encyclopedia of keywords? Who knows?

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