RachelVeronica reprehends

Male athlete says it’s “fundamentally unfair” to have athletic teams for girls or women.

A Canadian transgender athlete says it’s “reprehensible” that some U.S. states are trying to ban trans women and girls from playing for female sports teams.

Of course he’s a male himself, and competing against women gives him a huge advantage, so that could be why he’s saying that. Just a thought.

“What they’re really doing is fighting for what one might call the non-existent rights of [non-transgender] women and girls, while treating trans girls and trans women as not real girls or women,” said Veronica Ivy, a two-time track cycling world champion.

Yes it’s our old pal Rhys McKinnon, talking about “the non-existent rights” of real women and girls which he wants to replace with the “right” of men and boys to take their places. (What he doesn’t say is that he wants other men not to do this if it means they will be competing against him. He wants the advantage for himself, not for other men.)

“It’s fundamentally unfair,” she told The Current‘s Matt Galloway.

He’s such a comedian. Of course what’s fundamentally unfair is for preening assholes like him to elbow women out of women’s sports, but the CBC is too dim or too cowardly to tell him so.

Republican lawmakers in states across the U.S. have introduced more than 100 bills related to transgender issues this year, according to Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. organization fighting for LGBTQ equality. Many of those bills aim to prevent transgender women and girls from competing on women’s and girls’ sports teams. 

Proponents of such legislation argue that allowing transgender individuals to play on women’s sports teams gives them an unfair physical advantage over other players. 

And why do they argue that? Because it’s true, that’s why.

Ivy called it “unconscionable” that legislators would use these bills to attack children and their right to play with their peers. “This idea that trans women are going to suddenly take over sport has not happened,” Ivy said. “And it’s unlikely to ever happen.”

One, he doesn’t know that, two, it’s easy for him to brush it off because it’s not his ox being gored, three there is no reason women and girls should give up any wins or places on teams to men who claim to be women. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a few (so far), it’s still taking something away from women and girls and giving it to men and boys, when women and girls have rights just as men and boys do.

While Alphonso David, president of Human Rights Campaign, said he appreciates the argument that transgender women may have a natural advantage over other female athletes, “that’s all it is, is an argument.”

“The myth that transgender women are dominant competitors in women’s sports is pure disinformation,” he said.

No it’s not.

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“And it’s important to also recognize that this disinformation is dangerous for the health and the safety and the very lives of transgender youth and adults alike.”

What about the health and safety and the very lives of girls and women? Why don’t they matter? Why is it only trans women who matter?

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