Who says it’s a guise?

Lindsay Crouse of the New York Times “produced the Emmy nominated Opinion Video series “Equal Play,” which brought widespread reform to women’s sports.”

Now, however

This year, lawmakers in more than 20 states have introduced legislation to ban transgender kids from girls’ sports, under the guise of protecting women and girls. Bills have already passed in Mississippi and Idaho.

Not “transgender kids” but boys. The issue, as I’m sure she knows, is boys playing on girls’ teams.

The cause is catching on: One recent Politico poll found that 46 percent of women support a ban on transgender athletes (as do 43 percent of young adults born since 1997).

Again: not a ban on transgender athletes, a ban on male athletes competing against female athletes.

It’s telling how consistently the defenders of boys competing against girls obscure what they’re actually defending.

This is disappointing. We might look to champions like Megan Rapinoe, Billie Jean King and Candace Parker, who have been outspoken supporters of inclusion, as well as trans athletes who are shouldering the brunt of this fight. Exclusion elevates nobody.

But inclusion of what, exclusion of what?

If girls and women can’t have their own sports then they can’t ever win anything. This is Crouse’s subject yet she gets it completely wrong.

She goes on for many more paragraphs saying much the same thing – why worry about trans kids when women’s sports are already devalued? – without making any more sense, let alone addressing the actual issue.

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