Labour List:

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy has told a Labour Party conference fringe event when discussing trans rights this morning that “there are some dinosaurs on the right” and also that “those dinosaurs exist in our own party” who want to “hoard rights”.

“Hoard rights”? Is that like hoarding sugar and butter during the war?

Asked at a fringe meeting today about the ongoing conflict in the party over the rights of transgender people, he said there is “always a debate when you’re extending rights to people who have been denied them for so long”.

What “rights” have trans people been denied for so long? The right to ignore gender conventions? Probably, somewhat, but then non-trans people have been denied those for so long too. What other rights? If he means the purported right to be validated on all sides as the sex you aren’t, that isn’t a genuine right. It can’t be, because it interferes with too many existing, and genuine, rights, like the right to see what you see, and the right not to have to spend any time and energy and attention on what pronouns other people want you to use to refer to them.

Lammy told the event that the “great story of the 20th century is “people who had no rights claiming those rights” – including the working class on the factory floor, and those fighting for LGBT rights and BME rights.

Yes but this is this problem again: you can’t talk about “LGBT” rights, because the T ones are sharply different, and in some ways in conflict with the LGB ones.

“I will always be on the side of minority communities kept out of the mix for having the freedoms everyone else has enjoyed,” the Labour frontbencher said. “I’m not in the business of inflaming a very small minority group.”

Meaning what? How about the community of child molesters? The community of rapists? The community of woman-stranglers? Not all communities are benign.

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