He got it off the intertubes

Poor Trump, no one tells him anything, he has to get his information from the news media like any other shlub.

Donald Trump says he expects to be arrested on Tuesday and has urged his supporters to launch mass protests.

However his lawyer said there had been no communication from law enforcement and the former president’s post was based on media reports.

And gossip, don’t forget gossip.

The district attorney’s office has not yet commented. Mr Trump’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, said her team had not heard anything from law enforcement officials.

“Since this is a political prosecution, the district attorney’s office has engaged in a practice of leaking everything to the press, rather than communicating with President Trump’s attorneys as would be done in a normal case,” she said.

That’s so sad when he’s such a norm-following respectful punctilious guy himself.

The Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, has hit out at the investigation, calling it “an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA [district attorney]”.

There it is again, that stupid UK media trick of translating discourse into physical violence. Kevin McCarthy didn’t “hit out at” anything; he said words. Metaphor is all very well but this brand of metaphor is highly manipulative, and journalists should not be using it.

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