In solidarity with the [yawn]

Outrage! No platform! How very dare?!

The Telegraph:

Oxford University students have called for the gender-critical feminist Kathleen Stock to be no-platformed in “solidarity with the trans community”.

The university’s LGBTQ+ society has urged the Oxford Union to rescind its “misguided” invitation to the academic, who is scheduled to speak about her views on gender identity theory at the end of May.

In a statement posted on social media, the LGBTQ+ society said it was “dismayed and appalled” that the historic debating society had “decided to platform the transphobic and trans exclusionary speaker Kathleen Stock”.

It accused the union of “disregarding the welfare of its LGBTQ+ members under the guise of free speech”.

So it’s bad for the welfare of lesbians to invite a lesbian to speak about her views? It’s hard to make sense of that, unless you think the T part of LGBTQ+ is the only part that matters.

Oxford’s LGBTQ+ society is led by Amiad Haran Diman, a PhD politics student at Lincoln College, and Zoë-Rose Guy, a computer science student at Hertford College.

In a post retweeted by Mr Diman, Ms Guy said: “As an Oxford student, I view the Union in the same way as the rest of the world seems to view Oxford – a bunch of privileged gits vying to be the next PM, there to stroke their already massive egos. They cannot be allowed to throw trans people under the bus unchallenged.”

Bus shmuss. We’re all allowed to talk about the ideology of magic gender.

Further development: random guy is outraged that the Telegraph reports on the attempt to prevent discussion of the ideology of magic gender.

They want to prevent Stock from speaking and they want to keep their activities secret?

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