One more for the list of cheaters

Shut down the entire sport why don’t you.

On Friday [last week], Disc Golf Pro Tour announced that it would relocate the Female Professional Open (FPO) division at some of the largest events of the season to other states while canceling other FPO divisions completely in order to avoid more legal troubles as a result of lawsuits from Natalie Ryan, a male disc golfer who identifies as a female and has sued DGPT in California and Minnesota over gender eligibility policies that restrict him from competing.

In a press release obtained by The Post Millennial, DGPT said, “These adjustments have been made in order to protect competitive fairness in the FPO division and to limit financial burden in locations where the PDGA Policy on Eligibility for Gender-Based Divisions may become the subject of last-minute litigation harmful to the tour.”

The release mentioned several times that financial liability was a major part of the decision to change the schedule. According to a tour spokesperson, DGPT has already spent more than $100,000 on the legal fights surrounding transgender eligibility. A survey by the association in December showed 67 percent of its members and 80 percent of its female members disagreed with the statement: “Transgender women should be allowed to compete with other women in disc golf and in other sports.”

Whatever. Women have no right to anything, so it doesn’t matter what they agree or disagree with. Bitches.

Ryan filed a discrimination lawsuit protesting the Professional Disc Golf Association Pro Tour’s new rules in February which stated that trans-identifying males seeking to compete in the women’s division must have medically transitioned during Tanner Stage Two of puberty or before turning 12. The new rules also required a low testosterone level, which excluded Ryan from playing.

Male narcissists win, women lose. Tough shit, Karens.

In 2022, Ryan was the first biological man to win the women’s Elite Series event. Earlier this month, a Minnesota judge blocked the Professional Disc Golf Association from enforcing its policy restricting trans-identifying players from participating in women’s events, a policy change went into effect on Jan. 1.

As a result of the judge’s ruling, Ryan was able to compete earlier this month in the Preserve Championship Female Professional Open in Clearwater, Minnesota.

Ryan underwent sex change surgery in 2018 and then began competing in women’s disc golf. Ryan won two Elite Series events in 2022 and earned $19,360 in prize money.

Nearly 20 grand. Worth having. Worth taking away from women.

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