Trans golfer

Same old smoke and mirrors:

Trans golfer sparks outrage as she attempts to qualify for ladies PGA tour

Outrage why? Because the golfer is not a “she.” Lying in the headline is not a good look for a newspaper.

A Scottish golfer who is attempting to qualify for the ladies’ PGA tour has sparked a fresh row over whether transgender athletes should compete in women’s events.

The row is over whether men should compete in women’s events.

Hailey Davidson, who became the first trans golfer to win a professional tournament last year, is trying to earn a Ladies Professional Gold Association (LPGA) tour card.

If successful, Davidson will become the first trans golfer to earn the card.

He’s not a “trans golfer,” he’s a trans woman, i.e. a man. Because he’s a man, he shouldn’t be competing against women. It isn’t fair.

Davidson began hormone therapy in 2015 and has undergone gender reassignment surgery. Before the therapy, the golfer competed as a male.

No he didn’t “compete as a male,” he simply was a male, and still is. He competed against other men.

And while some have accused her of having an unfair advantage against other female competitors, Davidson claims that some of her rivals can hit the ball further after she lost 30 yards from her drive after undergoing therapy.

Oh just stop. Stop trying to cheat. Have some dignity, along with a sense of fairness.

Davidson has previously claimed that the outrage is “not about protecting women’s sports or me having an advantage, it’s just that you don’t like trans people.”

It’s that we don’t like men invading women’s sports. Get out of it.

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