Low bar

“You can’t criticize or dispute ____, ____ is a mother’s child!”

The Daily Record rants:

The mum of a Scots transwoman who is competing in a women’s professional golf tournament has hit out at Judy Murray after she criticised her daughter’s place in the competition.

Why “the mum”? Why baby talk? Other people’s mothers aren’t “the mums,” they’re the mothers. We’re not all 6. Also why bother with a link for “mum”? Also stop saying “hit out at” when you mean “disagreed with” or “criticized.”

But the real point is, that’s not “her daughter,” it’s her son, which is why it’s not fair for him to be competing in a women’s tournament.

Hailey Davidson, from Stair in Ayrshire, became the first transgender woman to earn a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour card and is currently taking part in the LPGA and Epson Tour Qualifying School in Palm Springs, America.

That is, Hailey Davidson is cheating a woman out of a place in the LPGA and Epson Tour Qualifying School in Palm Springs, America. It’s not cute.

Tennis coach Judy Murray branded the decision to allow the trans athlete to compete as ‘wrong’ and unfair on the other competitors.

Sharing a tweet about the golfer, the tennis coach wrote: “No. Not fair at all. Protect women’s sport. Listen to the facts, the scientists and the medics. This is wrong.”

As, of course, it is.

Sandra, who spoke to the Record from her home in Florida, where she lives with Hailey said: “Shame on Judy Murray for attacking another mother’s child.”

That’s idiotic. Every single human being is “another mother’s child.” Trump is a mother’s child. Putin is a mother’s child. Mass shooters are all mothers’ children. Torturers are mothers’ children. Even men who claim to be women are mothers’ children; that doesn’t mean we can’t say they’re wrong.

“You do not know my daughter Hailey and most importantly you know absolutely nothing about transgender men or women and therefore have no rights whatsoever to give your opinion on something you know nothing about.”

How does “Sandra” know what Judy Murray knows about trans people? Even if she does know, what right does she have to tell Murray not to talk about men in women’s sports?


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