…or else

The AP put out a fake news warning.

CLAIM: A photo of a person holding a sign featuring pink, blue and white guns and the words “trans rights… or else” shows the shooter who killed six people at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The person who took this photograph confirmed it was captured in Oklahoma City before news of the Nashville shooting was widespread. It does not show the shooter.

THE FACTS: The photo circulated widely online after the police chief identified the shooter as transgender in a late afternoon news conference on Monday. Police had previously identified the shooter as female.

“This is the trans shooter, Audrey Hale,” read one tweet shared thousands of times. “The Feds are in the middle of trying to scrub ALL of her social media & pictures from the internet.”

The tweet claimed the shooter was a “terrorist” who wanted to kill Christians, “as the sign makes clear.”

However, the person holding the sign in the image is not the shooter who opened fire at The Covenant School, killing three students and three adults.

So. Not a photo of the shooter. But. Is a photo of someone threatening mass shooting.

Oli has images of the shirt.

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