One, ten, many Savita Halappanavars. The Washington Post has the details:

At 36, she’d already experienced a long line of miscarriages, but none of the pregnancies had been more than five weeks along. Now she had to deliver a nearly 16-week fetus — a daughter she’d planned to call Bunny.

And when she did she immediately started hemorrhaging.

She had intended to deliverthe fetus in a hospital, a doctor by her side. When her water broke the night before — at least six weeks ahead of when a fetus could survive on its own — she drove straight to the emergency room, where she said the doctor explained that she was experiencing pre-viability preterm prelabor rupture of the membranes (PPROM), which occurs in less than 1 percent of pregnancies.

Remember that? From the Halappanavar case? Medically speaking it’s essential to do a D&C when that happens so that the woman doesn’t bleed to death. The way Savita did. It’s standard of care.

But in Florida it’s “Go home and die.”

At the hospital in Coral Springs, Fla., Cook received antibiotics, records show.Then she was sent home to wait.

Which is medical malpractice.

Cook’s experience reflects a new reality playing out in hospitals in anti abortion states across the country — where because of newly enacted abortion bans, people with potentially life-threatening pregnancy complications are being denied care that was readily available before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

Catholic hospitals have been doing this all along. A big hospital in Seattle merged with a Catholic chain recently so now they follow the Catholic woman-killing rules. It shouldn’t be allowed but it is. Women just don’t matter.

When abortion was legal across the country, doctors in all states would typically offer to induceor perform a surgical procedure to end the pregnancy when faced with a pre-viability PPROM case — which is the standard of care, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and an option that many women choose. Especially before the 20-week mark, a fetus is extremely unlikely to survive without any amniotic fluid.

But in the 18 states where abortion is now banned before fetal viability, many hospitals have been turning away pre-viability PPROM patients as doctors and administrators fear the legal risk that could come with terminating even a pregnancy that could jeopardize the mother’s well-being, according to 12 physicians practicing in antiabortion states.

Could kill the mother. Isn’t it odd how the dead fetus matters more than the living adult woman. It’s almost as if it’s just an excuse to torment and murder women.

One of the sponsors of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban defended the currentlaw as written, saying the existing exception should be sufficient to cover cases with serious health risks. An explicit exception for PPROM is not necessary, she added.

“The bottom line is we value life, and we would like to protect life,” said former Florida state senator Kelli Stargel (R). “We don’t want to give a gaping exception that anyone can claim.”

Liar. She’s not protecting life, she’s protecting the fetus, even the dead fetus, at the expense of the living woman.

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