The BBC on Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s bullying:

In the Commons on Tuesday, Lloyd Russell-Moyle accused Tory Miriam Cates of making “transphobic” comments.

Shouting, with features contorted by rage.

[Cates] said the proposed changes would make it “vastly easier for a predator to get access to children, to change their sex, to change their gender, with an eye to exploiting loopholes of accessing children and women in particular”.

In response, Mr Russell-Moyle, who was the next speaker, told the Commons: “Goodness me, that speech was probably one of the worst transphobic, dog-whistle speeches that I have heard in an awful long time. The idea of linking trans people with predators, frankly, is disgusting and you should be ashamed.”

He said the first sentence angrily. He shouted the second sentence with face-contorting rage. When men do this to women it’s intimidation, even if it’s in a situation where they’re very unlikely to start throwing punches. The shouts and the contorted face are signals, and they operate below the level of the literal verbal content. They’re signals of imminent violence, and they are frightening to women on a very basic level. Many many men act as if they have no idea this is true. They should figure it out.

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