Safe, joyful bullying

Safe, joyful, inclusive, all the good things.

Yes isn’t it sickening how feminist women point out why women need feminism. Also: isn’t it impressive how the trans movement never ever ever “weaponises victimhood.” Also what does she mean by “safe, joyful protest”? The “protest” was so safe and joyful that the film was canceled, so the women who went there to see it did not get to see it. Much safe, very joyful.

Dr Baines describes herself as

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education | Co-chair @UoEStaffPride | All opinions my own | End the hostile environment

Equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education except for women. Women can submit or get out; those are the choices. End the hostile environment except for women – make the environment for women as hostile and threatening as possible.

I’m so sick of these quislings.

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