She fight for all women, she don’t pick n choose

How dare you write an article that the Daily Mail illustrates with a photo of MEMEMEMEME?!

Proper narc continues to make it all about her.

Let’s think about this. “Feminism is about ALL women. INCLUSIVITY. Or it doesn’t work.”

Well, about, yes, and perhaps for, yes, but we have to be clear about what we mean by it. All women benefit from women’s rights, so in that sense feminism is for and about all women, but in other senses it isn’t. Some women despise feminism and would happily destroy many rights that women currently have. See, for the glaringly obvious example, abortion rights. So yes and no.

More narrowly: yes (and no) all women, but not all women plus men wearing lipstick. Stevenson means the second. That’s stupid. It’s like saying rights for migrants are for ALL migrants, including citizens who Identify As migrants while never stirring from home. It’s like saying workers’ rights are for ALL workers, including bosses and stockholders. It’s like saying BLM is for ALL black people including white people.

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