Stay out of the oven

Helpful tip: if it’s 119F / 48C, outside it’s not a good time to go for a strenuous hike on a trail with no shade or water.

A Florida man and his teenage stepson died after hiking during extreme heat at Big Bend National Park in Texas, officials said.

The boy fell ill along the trail and lost consciousness, and his stepfather was killed in a car accident as he tried to find help, authorities said.

Bad stepfather. Don’t take your kids out hiking in extreme heat.

The man, 31, and his two stepsons were hiking along the Marufo Vega Trail on Friday in 119F (48C) heat when the 14-year-old fell ill. While the stepfather hiked back to his vehicle to seek help, the teen’s 21-year-old brother tried to carry him back to the trailhead, according to the National Park Service.

The Big Bend National Park’s Communications Center received a call requesting emergency assistance at about 18:00 local time (23:00 GMT). “The Marufo Vega Trail winds through extremely rugged desert and rocky cliffs within the hottest part of Big Bend National Park,” the park service said. “No shade or water makes this strenuous trail dangerous to attempt in the heat of summer.”

And this was the heat of summer under a heat dome that was breaking records, so yeah, not the time or place for strenuous exercise.

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