Bad journalism strikes again.

The latest stop on anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s Let Women Speak tour in Tasmania saw the self-described women’s rights activist swarmed by hundreds of protesters who drowned out the relatively small number of people who turned out in support.

The spirited response left Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, complaining about a lack of police protection and gave fuel to Kiwis hoping for a similar reaction when the tour arrives in Aotearoa this weekend.

Keen-Minshull has widely criticised policies that support the transgender community and has been labelled as an anti-trans activist.

In the first paragraph the New Zealand Herald calls her “the self-described women’s rights activist” and in the third it says she “has been labelled as an anti-trans activist.” She can’t win, can she. If she says what she is the Herald sneers at her, but the Herald is fully entitled to tell us she’s “been labeled” as a demon.

The Mercury reported that around 40 anti-transgender activists from Let Women Speak attempted to hold their rally yesterday outside Hobart’s State Parliament building, but were outnumbered ten-to-one by counter-protestors, who pushed the smaller group back onto the steps of parliament and chanted over their attempts to speak, leaving them effectively surrounded.

Shorter: counter-protesters outnumbered and bullied the Let Women Speak protesters, thus rendering them unable to speak. The Herald implies this is a good thing.

Isla McGregor from Let Women Speak Tasmania told The Mercury that organisers had contacted Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Felix Ellis to complain of “severe bullying, harrassment, noise abuse, and being spat on.

“Many protesters begged members of Tasmania Police to protect them. They refused,” she said.

In other words no, don’t let women speak; make sure they can’t speak. Women don’t matter.


Stop women speaking.

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