Spell out exactly what rights

Another consignment of “Why can’t you just support trans rights, why are you so cruelly opposed to trans rights, all the good people are for trans rights, you are such a demonic enemy of trans rights” without any pesky detail about what actual rights they’re talking about. Like…


Wonderful you, you’re so empathy, you’re so kind with your so sorry and your sad emoji, but what exactly are the trans rights you’re defending? Also: nobody says trans people “shouldn’t exist.” That’s a stupid but all the more effective lie. The issue is not existence, the issue is fake idenniny and encroachment on the rights and protections of other people – to be exact, of women.

What does “apparently” mean there? In your head, yes? Because of course women who object to men in women’s spaces of course are interested in the crisis of male violence against women, including intimate partner violence or stranger violence. Very interested. That’s exactly why we don’t want men in our spaces, even if they say they are trans women. It’s not at all “apparent” that we don’t care, it’s “apparent” only to you and only in the sense that it’s the nearest insult you could find in a hurry.

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